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Welcome to my blog! This is my place to document what it was/is like to be a daughter, sister, wife, and new mama in my little world. I love the Lord and desire to please him in all I say and do. Here goes nothing!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Glamour Girl Time

My gal is definitely a girly girl. She loves to be put up on the bathroom counter while I get ready. She is fascinated with all my different makeup brushes and hair brushes. I let her play with an empty container of powder and giver her a big brush. I love watching her imitate me by swiping her cheeks with it. She is also getting pretty good at brushing my hair. We sing "brush, brush, brush your hair... brush it nice and straight... doo doo doo doo..etc.. you look really great!" She is thrilled with the great job she does that she can't help but give a huge, 4 toothed grin. These are the moments that I always told the Lord I'd be so grateful to have if he ever gave me a daughter. I'm so glad he was gracious enough to put Ellie in my story. I try so hard not to miss those moments. I hope I can remember them with such clarity forever.

Here's my beauty queen helping me get ready for a bachelorette party I went to the other night.

Ps... I was nervous about leaving Bitty Princess for a late evening of fun, especially since she still wakes up occasionally and prefers to have a quick nursing session before drifting back to sleep, but knew Romeo would take great care of her. Here's a text I got while out:

"Chick got up. Fed her a bottle. Back asleep. So so sweet. Thanks for letting me do that and trusting me to take care of her."

I love that man.