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Monday, April 8, 2013

To Freeze This Moment

Just thought I'd share a sweet moment I had with my Bitty Princess.

My girl is a movin' and groovin' toddler these days; complete with the sassy 'tude and kiddish giggles. Tonight when I was rocking her before I put her in her bed, she fell asleep. To actually "rock her to sleep"just doesn't really happen anymore. I feed her, rock and hum a little, and put my tired, but still wide eyed baby in her bed. I place her head on her special pillow Grammy made her,  hand her Teddy and put her blankie over her. She looks up at me and I tell her I love her. I leave the room, listen to her babble for a couple of minutes on the monitor, and then hear nothing but her fan buzz as she drifts to sleep. So, to rock my baby to sleep tonight was truly a joy I didn't realized I missed so much until it happened. That's just one of those subtle changes I've been talking about; the changes that happen so seamlessly and quickly, you don't even realize a shift has occurred. I pray for my heart and eyes to be open and constantly cherishing moments like these.

To many more nights rocking my royalty.

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  1. Sniff...so precious...and so happy that you captured this moment and your thoughts. I love you both.