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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bitty Princess Turns One!

I now know what moms are aways going on about when they say time flies and they can't believe how fast their babies grow! It seems almost unfair, the way they grow. They go to bed and wake just a pinch older and different looking. It's so subtle you don't even know it's happening. Then one day, you look over and you're tiny 8lb 1oz newborn is a big, walking, babbling one year old toddler. How does that happen?! Though I oscillate between feeling sad and happy about the changes, I know each stage is full of such joy and I don't want to miss it moping in the corner! So... here's a peek into the fun filled day we had celebrating Bitty Princess's first birthday.


  1. It does go fast...but just about right...I'm glad you are enjoying each phase and stage of your precious Bitty Princess. I'm enjoying watching her grow and watching you and Romeo as parents...you rock!

  2. I love this post! What a precious baby girl. That was one kickin' party. :)